New Administrative Capital Latest News

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February 23rd, 2024 11:43 am

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced the details of the move to the new administrative capital and its infrastructure, as well as the shift to electronic transactions between ministries and the cancellation of the exchange of papers and documents as part of the digital transformation plan and the transition to e-government.

New Administrative Capital Latest News

According to the ministry, it has completed the training of approximately 23,000 transfer trainees. Moreover, digital transformation units have been established in all the entities to be relocated, and all mobile coverage construction projects in the government area have been completed.

In addition, the ministry is helping implement participatory mobile towers throughout the Administrative Capital to provide full mobile coverage.

The Ministry of Communications is also currently working on a trial process for the digital archiving system, correspondence and work cycles in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on the temporary computing environment. Upon the launch of the second version of the National Project Management Application for the Decent Life Project Management, the Ministry announced the completion of the digitization of a total of 130 million papers in all phases of the project out of a total of 160 million papers.

The official opening of the new administrative capital before the end of this year

Engineer Khaled Abbas, Chairman and Managing Director of the New Administrative Capital Company, said that there is a proposal for plots of land within the Administrative Capital for investors during the coming period with new conditions, adding: “We are working on only 15% of the total planned area of the Administrative Capital,” pointing out that the Administrative Capital It is a great project for future generations.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing for National Projects added that the Capital Company will enter the field of investment in projects that the private sector cannot enter, adding that the Administrative Capital Company is one of the largest real estate entities in the Middle East and the world.

Khaled Abbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the New Administrative Capital Company in Egypt, said that the transfer of government ministries to the New Administrative Capital will be fully completed next March.
He added that the government has finished transferring about 6 ministries to the new capital so far, as well as the cabinet.
Abbas indicated that the first phase has been completed with about 40,000 feddans and 60% of the land available for sale has been sold, explaining: “We have completed 90% of the infrastructure, including all facilities, including smart structures.”

He explained that there is a demand from investors, especially the Gulf region, to pump investments in the new administrative capital in Egypt.
He continued, “We are currently planning to offer the current stage with about 40,000 feddans, and by the end of this year, we will start implementation.”
In September 2022, the Deputy Minister of Housing and CEO of the New Administrative Capital Company in Egypt, Eng. Khaled Abbas, said that the volume of investments in the New Administrative Capital currently exceeds one trillion pounds.

Abbas added, in exclusive statements, that work is underway to establish several subsidiaries and convert the Administrative Capital Company into a holding company.

Khaled Abbas added that the official opening of the new administrative capital will soon follow the completion of the government transfer before the end of the current year, adding that the government has currently taken over the buildings and the gradual transfer of employees has begun; It will be fully completed next November, and then it will be completed. Determine the date of the official opening of the new capital.

The CEO of the New Administrative Capital Company revealed that the listing on the stock exchange will be for subsidiaries after the completion of their establishment, and not for the holding company.

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